Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do You Remember The Time ?

I was a Maikol fan, i even did a Michael imitation for a school show when i was a little kid.
my father spray painted a white glow we got with silver paint and me and four classmates practice for weeks trying to get all the moves right.
i dont remeber wich song we did but i remember that night we felt like little Maikol's on stage.

The other night we spend hours with Paloma watching Maikols videos on Youtube and it was so fun he dances so damn well, of course Paloma was a fan too and loved the Dangerous album and that Maikol look.

If you ever liked Michael Jackson you can understand how fun is watching this video and sing a long and me in Spain, what about, what about bruuuuap tatata purruap ta ta!!!!!!!!!

basco vazko!


NEG said...

a mi me mata el video bad es uno de los mejores la actitud y su forma de bailar es impresionante. Se respira en ese video vida callejera. de pandillero que estilo Maikol ojalá hubiese podido ir a su concierto en Chile.


NEG said...
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basco said...

Bad es freeeeeeeak!!

your butt is mine.........???

igual me gusta ese disco pero Dangerous y Off the wall son mis favoritos!

lo mejor de maykol es lo pendejo que siempre fue, en bad es como una señora pandillera maquillada con el pelo mojado de motel y en el egipcio que onda que tiene los pies negros antes de transformarse!!