Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nuevo peinado.

nada mas relajante que tener a una amiga haciendote trenzas en la cabesa por hora y media, de verdad.
es como un masaje pero en tu cuero cabelludo, ojala mi nuevo peinado durara para siempre pero no... ya se estan desarmando.

trenzas por ROXY!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cosas Viejas.

going trought some old pictures i ran into this old pieces i had done back from the year 2001 up to 2003 here in santiago.
Im surprised at how many pieces i did back then, i have hundreds of pictures of pieces from those 3 years of spending most of my time going out to paint and i know i didnt photograph everything i did back then , those were my most productive years on the streets i think i wasnt doing exhibitions or paying rent so i had all of my time and money for painting walls.
is just me or this last five years have gone pretty fast?

this one i did on 2002 just ten blocks from my parents house where i was living at the time, the girl on the picture was one of my best friends and the half of kid you see on the left is gabriel who know owns the tatto studio im painting a piece for.

this one is from a year later but near Gabriel's old house in Vicuña Mackenna.

and this one is from 2001 like four blocks from my grandmas house in Independencia. it was feature in a graffitti mag call No Gratos
(otherwise i wouldnt had any record of it ) and i think it was one of the first time i saw one of my pieces on a mag and it felt great.
Mostly because up to then i was treated like an asshole by writters and because this mag was own by the most important graffitti crew ever i got some respect after being included on this magazine second issue and then a full interview on issue 3 (maybe it wasnt like that but i have always think of this mag like the one that gave me some street credibility ).

and this one used to be my favorite back then, i still like it i think.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do You Remember The Time ?

I was a Maikol fan, i even did a Michael imitation for a school show when i was a little kid.
my father spray painted a white glow we got with silver paint and me and four classmates practice for weeks trying to get all the moves right.
i dont remeber wich song we did but i remember that night we felt like little Maikol's on stage.

The other night we spend hours with Paloma watching Maikols videos on Youtube and it was so fun he dances so damn well, of course Paloma was a fan too and loved the Dangerous album and that Maikol look.

If you ever liked Michael Jackson you can understand how fun is watching this video and sing a long and me in Spain, what about, what about bruuuuap tatata purruap ta ta!!!!!!!!!

basco vazko!

Friday, April 17, 2009

R. S. F. T. D.

Tino pretending he is running in front of his painting that its also pretending he is running - my pretty pretty girl wearing my Morning Breath favorite tshirt.

taking a bath ( by Paloma ) - Lomboy's calendar picture.

Ñoko key - Vasco key.

Young le Blokis in front of his painting two bloks away from my house - palm trees in downtown Santiago.

I just found this amazing picture taking by my girl in a Sebo cultural, almost two years back in Sao Paulo, a Sebo is like a small cheap store that usually sales books and records.
I love this picture, the boy looking at the records on the right is me.

basco vazko.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Un tapiz para el MAC.

One of my old paintings transform into the work of someone else.

Carolina Hernandez : "Un tapiz para el MAC"
gigantografía intervenida con papel volantín.

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo.
Santiago, Chile.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

TE AMO!!!!

basco vazko

paloma palomino

this week my girl paloma turn 23, and last night we had a party for her in the roof of my building.
most of our best friends came and it was great.
she was happy and im happy when i see her smile.

thanks ROD for taking all the photographs.