Friday, June 5, 2009

El Ocultismo.

Its been around 3 months since i started to work on my upcoming show here in Santiago, at Sala Cero of Galeria Animal (that opens the 8th of July)

Happy as i am with the way this new 30 pieces are coming im getting streess, im leaving to Paris at the end of this month to paint a 5x5 mts pannel as part of a group show there (im painting both size... so is going to be a lot of work and i probably wont see any of Paris) and i will get back here only one day before the opening of my Evas show, just in time to run to the Gallery and paint the name of the show in one of the walls.
im lucky my friend Manuel is going to take care of setting the show up and besides im going to paris! i never been to europe and the best thing is that im going with Paloma.

So i havent leave my house this last 3 months, i paint all day, and when i need air I go to the Cementery on my bike.
El Cementerio General is my favorite place here in Santiago, its like a minature city with small statues and churches, amazing graves and tall old trees.
but what i really enjoy is the way history lays quietly in this place.
you have Salvador Allende's grave just two minature blocks away from the Military ¿Mausoleum? (no idea how to writte this) then you have the little Jew part and some random buildings like the Italian one or the abandoned Teachers Mausoleum, (i guess the dead teachers got tired of the view)
The Caffarena grave some piramids and even some projects (really, cheap small graves one on top of the other where hundreds of dead people are jam together)

and no chances of running into someone there, no one alive at least, its always empty.
is the best place for times when you feel like practicing El Ocultismo.

basco vazko!