Tuesday, September 1, 2009


A really nice weekend with my friends of GRAFFITO MAG in Valparaiso, probably one of the most tag and painted citys in sudamerica.

1. view of the city 2. detail of one piece i did there 3. another piece i did 4. a very funny book 5. video night 6. ñoko!! 7. graffito video done this past weekend.


cazador. said...

jajaja is so funny..im studing in Viña del mar..but i live in Valparaiso and every morning I go between the two citys by METRO and i can see that painting in one of the grey walls in front of the Pacific.I have found this blog like and accident and suddenly i saw the smile face on the wall , and i recognice very fast the place where is it.
Good work and...strange machine which you use for do the paintings.It remember me to the film "No country for old man" in which one of the caracters, use a extrange air pression machine for kill every boby.

good work "HUEVONES"

viva VALPO!!

ioZep said...

Hola, te escribo de parte de Pepe Guardiola del taller de marcos Los Pepes. Me manda a pedirte un teléfono de contacto tuyo o de Manuel Peralta, o si es posible, que él lo llame al taller.
Muchas gracias por tu tiempo...

ioZep said...

el número del taller es 737 3809, sorry!