Saturday, March 28, 2009

Me by Paloma.

Because im painting in my house and spend most of my time here i have become the personal model of my girlfriend Paloma, i try to convince her not to take pictures of me, she knows i hate being photograph but she insist and is not like im really going to convinced her to stop.
Most of the time i look in photographs even uglier than what im really are,
and thats just the way i look in photos, nothing i can do about it
but sometimes and due just to the her remaining hope that i maight stop putting that weird face i get when im treath with a camera i come out a little bite better.

When i see a camera i freak out, one time someone so a video of me and told me i looked like a deer on the headlights... or something like that,i dont remeber well but i think is a common expression in english (maybe is spotlight..?).

I dont know what it means but im guessing is not the look you want to have on a video.

basco vazko.


Anonymous said...
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lets said...

me gusta mucho la última foto..(como q te iba a comentar en ingles y me estaba craneando, pero después me acordé q en verdad tu hablai español brp)y lo de deer on the headlights, me dio risa, yo creo q sales un poco así en la primera foto, pero yo tampoco estoy muy segura de qué significa esa frase.

i said...

son unas fotos muy buenas
no deberiai sentirte como un rabbit in los headlights de tu novia