Friday, June 27, 2008


its great understanding a song, before i went to lived to united states and learn (partially) english
there were all this songs that i heard and i never knew what was being said and somehow it didn't bothered me,
i did wonder about it and i remember trying to guess the meaning of the songs,now i did guess pretty well for most of it,i think any kid in sudamerica does this,we have lived hearing english all the time,in songs ,movies,etc.. so sometimes i did understand like the main idea in songs but i was never sure and know that i do understand i realized i was most of the time mistaken

anyways this is one song im happy i can understand,before i always thought the lirics went like ...people closing in,people closing in,the in and out,the in and out the in the ouuuuttt!!!

basco vazko.

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