Tuesday, March 4, 2008


the face (03.) is one of the last pieces i painted in santiago before i went to united states to live for more than 3 years and this morning while walking down the street with a friend talking i saw it again,still there,now surrounded with trees and plants and trash and stuff that of course wasnt there.
never i could have imagined when i started painting on the street that i was going to walk by a four years old piece done by me and while walking by it be looking for new walls to paint.
maybe in ten more years or twenty this practiced that started as a game, a fun thing to do is going to still be part of my everyday life and artistic development.
my views and reasons to paint on the streets have change a great deal since i started out, my opinions about everything have change since that time.
is amazing to see on the streets things i have done and have the luck to see them one more time.

(old photograph of it)

santiago , 2003.

b / v !

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::Msaballa:: said...

Buenos tus trabajos