Monday, February 18, 2008

the first picture in the new house.

little bite more than a year ago i meet and felt complety in love with my girlfriend,paloma.
and it has been a great year,its been more fun than any other year and we have learn a great deal from each other.
and just a week before i went to portland to set up my last show we move in togheter in this small but nice apartment in downtown santiago.
we havent had the time yet to fix everything in the way we want to and we still have most things pile up on the floor,mostly books and boxes with drawings and photos.
paloma is a photographer and works for the same magazine i do ilustrations for and i , thanks to her , being able to learn a little bite more about photography than before.
here are we in our new bathroom, the first photo in our new house.

basco vazko!

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